Theology of the Body


6 Week Online Course


Imagine what it would be like to direct all your yearnings for love, happiness, ecstasy and fulfilment to the One who alone can satisfy?   And never experience the misery and emptiness of life with Love again.  

This is what you ache for. This is what you hunger and thirst for. The more that you so desperately seek is real, and the Theology of the Body provides the roadmap to the banquet that will satisfy your longings.


No longer will you experience your desires, your sexuality, your relationships as stumbling blocks to intimacy. This course will crack open your rib cage and help you direct your desire 'for' infinity 'to' infinity.


If this gets you excited, I look forward to welcoming you on a journey that will redirect the course of your Christian life.

This course will give you

  • A deep understanding of the human heart and what alone can satisfy it

  • A profound understanding of the dignity and beauty of your body and every-body

  • A new portal through which to enter into deep intimacy with God

  • A biblical vision of what it means to be human

  • A deeper understanding of the beauty of sexual desire and how to begin the process of redemption and healing

  • A witness to hope and healing

  • A profound encounter with Jesus as "Mercy"

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Heaven

  • The Beauty and vocation of Celibacy for the Kingdom

  • A biblical vision of marriage as the sign of the Great Mystery

  • A deeper understanding of the sign of the sexual act and what it signifies

  • A guide to understanding the Church's vision and teaching on the transmission of human life

How does the online course work?

  • Registrants for this online course will receive access to a filmed version of our in-person 6-week Theology of the Body: Awaken Your Desire course and a digital study guide from Tuesday 12th October - Tuesday 16th November 2021.  
  • Each video session is complete with the resources used in the course and directions for helping to make this online course intellectually stimulating and spiritually fruitful.
  • There will be 6 live group Q&A and discussion sessions, held every Tuesday at 7:30 pm for all students who wish to participate and unpack the video content further. 
  • representative from All Saints Catholic Parish Liverpool will host these live sessions with Simon Carrington.
  • These group sessions will be recorded for those students who cannot make the designated times and will be accessible through the online course portal soon after.

Online Course Details 

Presented by Simon Carrington

Tuesday 12th Oct – Tuesday 16th Nov






About Simon

Founder of Fire Up Ministries, Simon completed a Bachelor of Theology, minoring in Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame Australia in 2016, he is a passionate and engaging evangelist and speaks to thousands of people each year at schools, parishes, retreats and conferences around Australia.

15 Collins St, St Mary's, NSW

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