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Friday 22nd - Thursday 28th October

Simon and Madeleine

Co-founders, Fire Up Ministries


We are so glad that you will be joining us for our first, ever virtual challenge! We have teamed up with the best of the best to bring you a supercharged experience that is sure to fire you up!


We selected a small number of speakers that have most heavily impacted us in our personal lives. Speakers that reached our hearts in our teen years and saved us from the pain and confusion of misdirected sexual desire and unhealthy relationships. We were exposed to them at a time when we needed them most.


However, the story doesn't end there. Not only have everyone of these amazing human beings helped us come closer to Jesus Christ, they were willing to mentor us through the uncertain journey of starting a ministry. They have coached us not only in our personal lives, but in our ministry as well. It is with great humility and gratitude that we are blessed to call them mentors and even friends. They have given us an abundance of their time and love. 


Why do I say all this? These are among the most sincere, loving people you will ever meet. They speak with a real zeal for the Catholic faith. They proclaim the beauty of human sexuality and relationships with a dynamism that can only come from a lived experience of "being there" themselves. These speakers will pierce your heart... like they did ours. 


Join us as we team up with Christopher West - President of the Theology of the Body Institute, Jason Evert - Founder of Chastity Project, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers - One of the most dynamic evangelists in the Catholic Church today, and Sarah Swafford - Founder of Emotional Virtue Ministries, for a series of talks that will help you experience the love you always dreamed of!


We can't wait for you to meet them and for you to be inspired! 


Thanks for joining us! 

Simon & Madeleine

Join us for a transformative week.

This challenge will set you on fire!


This challenge is for
anyone who is:

  • In touch with an ache deep within their heart for more than this world can offer

  • Hungry for a personal and intimate relationship with God and others

  • Single and discerning their vocation

  • Wanting to know how to move from friends to dating with sincerity and clarity

  • In a relationship and looking for effective strategies to stay pure

  • In a relationship and is unsure how to know if they are the one they should marry

  • In a relationship and needs help discerning if they should break up with the person they are dating

  •  Suffering from a painful break-up with the person they thought they would marry

  • Desperate to know how to heal and be open to loving again!



Join the Challenge!

Get closer to experiencing the love you always dreamed of.

Our Speakers

A selection of the best international speakers on the freedom that comes with living the truth of our sexuality.

Christopher West

President of Theology of the Body Institue

About Christopher

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Evangelist and Preacher 

About Deacon Harold

Simon Carrington

Co-Founder Fire Up Ministries

About Simon

Madeleine Carrington

Co-Founder Fire Up Ministries

About Madeleine

Sarah Swafford

Founder of Emotional Virtue Ministries

About Sarah

Jason Evert

Founder of Chastity Project

About Jason

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