• The roadmap you have always dreamed of on how to get from singleness to the first date or, to profoundly enhance your current dating relationship

  • The tools to create the ideal future you, future spouse and future marriage

  • A wholistic approach to singleness that will inspire you to discover yourself and serve others

  • A guide to how to interact with members of the opposite sex that eliminates pain and confusion

  •  A strategy on what to do when you are becoming or clearly are “more than friends”

  • The purpose and mission of dating

  • Straight answers to the most common and most difficult dating questions

  • A foolproof strategy that will eliminate the grey area and flood your relationship with absolute clarity

  • A guide to navigating difficult situations with parents and family

  • A detailed explanation on how to conduct the ultimate “DTR” conversation

  • How to ensure that the first date gives you the clarity you need to move in the right direction and potentially save you years of dating the wrong person! 

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