• Be proud of the man or woman that you are

    We will help you work towards becoming the best version of yourself and to recognise the value you bring to all those around you. 

  • Love every person you meet with purity

    We will give you the tools and insights to experience the freedom that comes with purity of heart, so you can truly value each person you meet. 

  • Experience the relationship you always dreamed was possible

    Transformed by the reality of who you are called to be, you will have the ability to form sincere and lasting relationships. 

  • Deepen your prayer life and grow closer to God

    Be guided towards God who waits eagerly for you to open your heart and share your struggles with him so that he can give you the daily graces you need.



  • Experience True Sexual Freedom

  • See Every Person Through a Holy Lens

  • Know What It Feels Like to Live in God's Grace

What's Included?

  • Receive a copy of FORGED by Jason Evert and Matt Fradd

    We will use the daily readings and video to support our journey together. 

  • You and I will have a weekly 30 minute phone call

    Together we will apply the strategies I will formulate to suit your individual circumstances. 

  • Receive a study guide with a daily reflection question

    The reflection questions will form the basis for our weekly phone call. 

  • Receive countless supportive resources

    These include audios, books, apps and online courses to support you in this ongoing battle for purity.

Punch Porn in the Face!

100% Money-Back Guarantee


If you are dissatisfied with the strategies that were given to you after the 33-day journey, we will refund your money.


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